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Studio Rules & Guidelines


1. Before Your Appointment 

- HYGIENE - Please ensure that your personal hygiene is of an acceptable standard. Our artists are required to be close to you throughout your session and while it does not effect your tattoo, it is unfair to expect us to with stand and unpleasant smells. Shower/bathe yourself before you session.

- EAT AND DRINK - Make sure to be well fed and watered before your appointment. Tattoos can effect the blood sugar levels in your body that can cause you to pass out, vomit etc. Having the tank topped up will help with the session. We would also suggest bringing some food and drink with you also to help you through the session. Ask your artist if you're unsure what to bring, they'll be able to suggest some great things for helping keep up blood sugars.

- PRACTICAL CLOTHING - Make sure to wear suitable clothing for the tattoo you are getting. For example, if you are getting your legs tattooed, then wear some shorts. For a sternum tattoo, it is often worthwhile bringing/wearing a button up shirt. It is sometimes more practical to bring them with you to change into, and the studio will provide a place for you to change.

- DO NOT SHAVE your tattoo area - This is a service that studio provides for our clients and it is preferred that we do that right before we start work. Surprisingly, body hair can grow back quite quickly and if we are required to re-shave the area, this could result in ingrowing hairs, cuts, irritation and can potentially effect the healing process of your tattoo. 


- NUMBING CREAM - The studio does not provide numbing cream for tattoos, however, we understand that quite a lot of clients would like to use it. Clients will need to speak with their artist for details of which numbing creams to use and how/when to apply it.

- BRING I.D. - You must be over the age of 18 to get a tattoo. Make sure to bring valid I.D along with you as your artist will be required to see it before carrying out your tattoo.

2. Arrival To The Studio

Please arrive to the studio at your booked appointment time. Not late, and no more than 5 mins before. This allows us to control the foot traffic in our studio. Only clients are permitted in the studio. No guests, chaperones, or similar will be permitted. Please attend your appointment alone & Please do not bring children/babies with you.

3. Your Tattoo Session

Before your session, you will be provided with and required to sign our tattoo consent form. These must be completed before your session can begin. Once these are filled out, please remain in the front waiting area until your artist asks for you to come past the counter.


Whilst your tattoo session is being carried out, please me mindful of others and their needs. Please allow enough space for others to move around the studio as best you can. 

Please be aware that the studio is open plan and tattoo stations are within view of other artists and clients. We will do our utmost to provide privacy for those getting tattoos in a more intimate area however, this cannot always be guaranteed. Please be prepared for this when attending the studio. Our artists may ask you to remove certain items of clothing if necessary to successfully carry out your tattoo to the best standard. If you are getting a tattoo in an intimate area, and want to know the process, please speak with your artist.



4. Session Breaks

Cigarette, vape or “fresh air” breaks etc. are to be taken at the front of the building. 

Use of the kitchen is not permitted for clients. Drinks are not be provided by the studio. Although if required, drinking water can be provided if required due to any effects of the tattoo procedure.


5. Miscellaneous

Please ensure to act with caution and common sense throughout your visit to the studio. If you are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to ask your artist. If you have any special requirements for your session please notify the studio/artist as soon as possible before your session.


Please try to keep personal belongings, luggage and additional clothing etc. to minimum & please don't leave them in the waiting area and/or the sofa.


These guidelines are subject to change at any time, please ensure to check them as often as possible for any updates. We highly recommend checking them again the day/night before your session just to be sure.


Failure to comply with our guidelines may result in immediate termination of your session and immediate ejection from the premises. In the event that this occurs, no refunds or compensation will be issued. The studio and artist reserve the right to cancel your session at any time if these guidelines are breeched regardless of the progress made on your tattoo.

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