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What are your prices?

Consultations are free. Most pieces are charged by time, however some singular pieces may be charged at a set quote. Please discuss prices and session times with your artist. The Studio session rates are as follows: £40 Minimum price. £70 per hour. £240 per half day session & £350 per full day session.


Am I required to pay a deposit to make an appointment?

Yes. All deposits are 50% of the session cost. Deposits are non refundable & are charged at time of booking. For our full booking policy, please click here.

How do I make an appointment?

All our bookings are managed online but before making an appointment you'll need to contact your desired artist via Facebook or Instagram. For full booking details please read our Booking Guide

Can I just pop into the studio to talk about my ideas?

Our studio is by appointment only, even for consultations. Where it may seem simple for you to pop in and chat, more often than not our artists simply don't have the time to stop as they are already in a session. After-all, if you were paying for an artists time, would you be happy if they were stopping frequently to talk to other clients? 

You will need to book in for a consultation to guarantee the artist will have time to speak with you. We would however, recommend getting in touch with them as outlined before booking a consultation. 

When is your next available appointment?

Availability ranges between artists & also depends on the length of session you may require so unfortunately there is not definitive answer to this question. Speak with your artist regarding what session you will require, once you know that, you will be able to see what dates/times are available via our online system. Our online system is live updated and will only show available slots.

What if I don't know which artist to choose?

Message the studio via Facebook or Instagram with all the details outlined within our Booking Guide, and then we will be able to advise as to which artist to contact.

Do I need to book a consultation first?

Not always, quite a lot of pieces can be organised through messages. contact your artist via their facebook or instagram to discuss your ideas/project and they will advise as to whether or not it would be beneficial to book an in person consultation. 

How much for this tattoo/design?

Quotes/pricing on tattoos are given by the artist. Message your desired artist for a quote and booking details. Make sure to include as much information regarding what you are looking for. Please remember that our artists do not carry out direct copies of tattoos/designs but work with clients using their ideas, references and thoughts to create unique pieces just for them. For more details of what to include when enquiring regarding a quote, make sure to read our Booking Guide

Can I bring a friend/family member with me to my appointment?

Unfortunately, we only allow clients in the main treatment area and politely ask that guests do not stay in the waiting area. As there are several artists working within the studio alongside their clients, we unfortunately cannot accomodate guests also.

Do you carry out piercings?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer piercing services.

Do you have any space today? / Do you do walk ins?

As a general rule, the studio is appointment only. However, on odd occasion we are able to accomodate walk ins. When offering walk ins, our artists will share details individually on their social media pages. Check there for any information. We would always advise booking an appointment to avoid any disappointment.

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