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- Before booking a session, please ensure you have discussed your design/project with your artist and agreed the pricing rate and session length.

- All bookings are secured with a 50% deposit that is taken at time of booking.

- Any bookings taken without prior consultation and/or discussion with artist/studio will still be charged.

- Deposits are non refundable.

- Failure to notify your artist no later than 48 hours before your session will result in the loss of your deposit.

- Sessions can only be rescheduled if your artist is notified no later than 48hours before your session and you will not lose your deposit.

- The studio and artist reserves the right to reschedule your bookings at any time.

- Minor "touch up" sessions on projects you have had done at the studio are available for free at the discretion of your artist.


- "Touch ups" on common problem areas are charged at a rate of £30 /hour (Minimum Charge), these include, but are not limited to; the hands, feet, knees, elbows & head. Ensure you speak with your artist regarding any possible future "touch up" sessions

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