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1. Before Enquiring


Before getting in touch about a tattoo enquiry, make sure to familiarise yourself with our process through both our booking guide & our F.A.Q's. 

When contacting our artists, be sure to include as much information as possible when enquiring about your tattoo.
take a look at the check list below for the information you will need to include when getting in touch or attending/booking a consultation.

  • A good description of the tattoo/idea you're wanting - A brief, detailed description of what you have in mind is fine.

  • The placement of your tattoo - Please ensure to include information as to where on your body you would like to get you tattoo. Although you may want a "simple" tattoo, different positions of tattoos can effect the time and quality of your tattoo. By including this information, we can more effectively provide you with the cost and any advice for your piece. Please note: Try to be as specific as possible with this information. for example "Forearm" or "bicep" instead of just "Arm"

  • The size of your tattoo - This should be a rough measurement (cm/inches) of the area you wish to get tattooed. Make sure to be clear on the length and width of your tattoo area. We have a lot of clients say things like "the same size as the photo" or "about the size of a (Random object)". Although these are given with the best of intentions, they don't always give us the correct idea of the size required. a good old fashioned ruler or tape measure is usually the best port of call for this. (Please note, Pictures of the space you want tattooing, also doesn't help us to know the size of the tattoo)

  • Reference Photos - Be sure to include some reference photos of the sort of thing you are looking for for you piece. These don't have to be exact ideas of your design. but can be a range of ideas, to show best what your idea(s) are for your piece. Although the Iron & Pin artists are very talented, simply saying things like "I want an elephant" doesn't help as much as what you would think. Instead, take some time to take a look at the style of tattoo you would like as well what breed of elephant you would want. Your artist will be eternally grateful for you putting in some research before hand.

  • Photos of yourselfIn some cases, like cover-ups. It is beneficial to include a good quality photo of the tattoo(s) you already have, this will help us to assess and advise you best with what can and can't be done with your piece. This can also be helpful when explaining the position you would like your tattoo.


  1. Expense - Tattoos can be expensive. make sure you consider this before enquiring for a tattoo. Will your budget stretch to cover your tattoo cost?

  2. Be Realistic - Tattoos can take time. Consider if you will have the time and patience to carry out big projects. For example, sleeves, chest/back pieces etc can take several, long length sessions over a lengthy period of time. Consider the time & money you may have to put into your project before committing to it.

  3. Be Patient - Our studio and artists can become rather busy at times. If you do not receive a response straight away, please bare with us. Remember that we also have personal lives and cannot always respond. We WILL get back to you. Please try to be patient. Sometimes, rushing into things elsewhere can often result in regret and potentially having to wait longer to get booked in for us to fix things. 

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